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Factory of Dreams - Melotronical
Factory of Dreams - Melotronical in Progressive Rock
MELOTRONICAL is the 3rd Factory of Dreams album. A conceptual CD, revolving around the evolution of an electronic Molecule into a living breathing Entity. This entity, experiences several stages of life, goes through all emotions, love, hate, fear, happiness... The track list is arranged according to this evolution, and one can have a feel of each stage just by reading each song title, listening to the songs and lyrics. The finale starts with Dimension Crusher, when all hope is lost and a new Universe is...
Factory of Dreams - Poles
Factory of Dreams - Poles in Progressive Rock
From the music of Project Creation's mastermind and the beautiful voice and talent of Jessica Lehto, is born Factory of Dreams an incursion into a Fantasy World of Gothic Electronic and Progressive Rock music. 'Poles' is the new album by Hugo Flores, the debut for Factory of Dreams. Story The place: A land with two sides, Positiveness and Negativeness, Dark and Light called POLES. The World: Ruled by a Generator of illusions, the Factory of Dreams. The Fuel: Human minds. The Blood: A river of...
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Factory of Dreams - Some Kind of Poetic Destruction
Factory of Dreams - Some Kind of Poetic Destruction in Progressive Rock
'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction' is Factory of Dreams 4th album. A conceptual scifi album that follows the adventures of Kyra, a unique and mysterious character who holds the key to our fate. Something is closing in on the Earth. What is it? What is its purpose? What will happen to Earth? Discover this amazing storyline, full of surprises and mysteries, as we follow Kyra on an epic journey to find her purpose, faith and destiny throughout nearly 70 minutes of music. This new album explores even further...
Frameshift - An Absence of Empathy
Frameshift - An Absence of Empathy in Progressive Rock
In the beginning The basic concept of Frameshift’s Human Grain was conceived by progrockrecords president Shawn Gordon. Several years ago he played keyboards for the band Zircadian and they had a partially written concept album under the name Prophet Savant which gave us the initial idea for Human Grain. In their storyline a man experiences different forms of violence because he becomes a kind of seer. They had written songs for an epic battle and two torture scenes. In countless eMails and meetings...
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Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow
Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow in Progressive Rock
Frameshift is an exciting new Progressive Rock project written and produced by Henning Pauly of Chain for James LaBrie, vocalist of the legendary progmetal band Dream Theater. "Unweaving the rainbow" features 80 minutes of modern progressive rock based on the books on evolution by Richard Dawkins. Every song deals with a different evolutionary concept. The approach to writing the music was slightly different than most progressive rock projects out there. Composer Henning Pauly has worked in a wide...
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Frameshift - Unweaving the Rainbow (Limited Autographed Edition)
Frameshift - Unweaving the Rainbow (Limited Autographed Edition) in Progressive Rock
This is a very special, and very limited autographed edition of Frameshift "Unweaving the Rainbow". The CD is signed by both James LaBrie and Henning Pauly. We won't be getting any more of these, so move fast and get your piece of history while you can. If you are unfamiliar with Frameshift you can read about it, hear samples and read reviews here....
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Gekko Projekt - Electric Forest
Gekko Projekt - Electric Forest in Progressive Rock
Symphonic keyboards, progressive guitars, driving bass and adventurous drums provide the backbone of this debut release by Gekko Projekt. The album opens with “Particle Dance”, an energetic instrumental that contains all the elements of classic Yes. “Black Hole” sounds like it could be a hit single for the band without betraying the progressive nature of the album. Echoes of Weather Report and jazz-rock are evident in the following two instrumentals, “Cognitive Dissonance” and “London...
Ghost Circus - Across The Line
Ghost Circus - Across The Line in Progressive Rock
Their ambitious second album, ACROSS THE LINE, is a concept album following one man's path from death to the hereafter; a ghost story from a unique perspective. Combining elements of AOR and Progressive Rock, there is a lot to enjoy here. Significant equipment upgrades to both studios has allowed for a wider and more accurate expression of the duos’ unusual musical vision. ACROSS THE LINE proves that Ghost Circus has melded into a cohesive blend of the eclectic talents of Chris Brown and Ronald Wahle....
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Ghost Circus - Cycles
Ghost Circus - Cycles in Progressive Rock
A chance meeting of artists in 2004 on an internet message board brought together Ronald Wahle of the Netherlands with Chris Brown of Tennessee. What spawned from that meeting is the highly evolved progressive rock duo, Ghost Circus. Two years of collaboration culminates in the duo's first album, ‘Cycles’, which highlights a detailed look at modern society as well as personal introspective struggles....
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Hasse Fröberg - Future Past
Hasse Fröberg - Future Past in Progressive Rock
Hasse Fröberg from The Flower Kings has put together a stunning debut album. 72 minutes of stellar performance, top notch production and catchy songs within a progressive environment. Some would say it sounds like, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Flower Kings some just say, HFMC. Amazing guitar performance by young gunslinger Anton Lindsjo throughout the whole cd reveals the raw talent of this "new kid on the block" from Sweden. A classy Classic/Progressive Rock cd from the land of the midnight sun....
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