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Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow


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...When speaking of musical style then I can tell it is a broad load of modern and progressive rock...

Review from Israel in Hebrew...

I’m not going to give in to temptation and call Frameshift’s Unweaving the Rainbow, a new...

...Unweaving The Rainbow is a kick in the ass for prog rock fans, as it fairly wipes out what has...

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Frameshift is an exciting new Progressive Rock project written and produced by Henning Pauly of Chain for James LaBrie, vocalist of the legendary progmetal band Dream Theater. "Unweaving the rainbow" features 80 minutes of modern progressive rock based on the books on evolution by Richard Dawkins. Every song deals with a different evolutionary concept. The approach to writing the music was slightly different than most progressive rock projects out there.

Composer Henning Pauly has worked in a wide variety of styles. Shortly before he started working on Frameshift he wrote a film score and suddenly it clicked. Modern film music combines elements from a lot of different styles. They are a mix of metal, ambient, techno, orchestral, rock, pop, loop based music. The way these elements come together in a film score lends itself perfectly to the genre of progressive rock so Henning decided to use this approach for Frameshift. He did not want to limit the music on this album to what is possible with a rock band lineup, but to what is possible with the tools a film composer has at his disposal. This didn't mean that he would forget about all the elements that make progressive rock what it is, he would simply take a slightly different approach to arranging it.

Knowing that James LaBrie would be singing the whole album, he wanted to offer this outstanding vocalist an opportunity to sing in ways he has not performed before. James is a huge Queen fan and Henning frequently uses large vocal arrangements in his songs. The plan was simply: Leave a lot of space for vocals, make them the most important element on the album. So the songs were written with several a capella parts and even some counterpoint passages in the tradition of Gentle Giant and Spock's Beard, which both Henning and James are big fans of.

The album features modern studio recording techniques, fused with lush orchestration and diverse instruments such as Warr Guitar and Chapman Stick.

Album tracks

  • 2 - 02 - The Gene Machine
  • 3 - 03 - Spiders
  • 4 - 04 - River out of Eden
  • 5 - 05 - Message From The Mountain
  • 8 - 08 - Nice Guys Finish First
  • 9 - 09 - Arms Races
  • 11 - 11 - Off The Ground

Album samples