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Daniel J. - Losing Time
Daniel J. - Losing Time in Progressive Rock
Daniel J works on each guitar solo, as if it were a composition. He takes hours preparing and practissing until he is totally satisfied with each solo. He never leaves it to an improvising chance in the studio. "Losing Time" is an album with a lot of power and intensity, but always with a sense of melody. The songs and lyrics speak about the things we all deal with in relationships, you will no doubt see some of yourself in these well crafted songs. Daniel J had the opportunity to see a musical giant...
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DANTE - Saturnine
DANTE - Saturnine in Progressive Rock
DANTE, originally founded by guitarist Markus Berger and keyboardist Markus Maichel as a studio project, soon evolved into a full performing band, as the first studio tracks turned out to be very promising. The debut album "The Inner Circle" (2008) was very well received by both critics and prog lovers. Their current release was recorded and produced at the band's own "Red Tube Studios" and shows the band compose and perform heavy Progressive Rock at its best. "Saturnine" features beefy riffing...
Dead Heroes Club - A Time of Shadow
Dead Heroes Club - A Time of Shadow in Progressive Rock
'A Time of Shadow' is Irish progressive rock band Dead Heroes Club's second album. The album is a tour de force of melody and power. The band have a wonderful sound and an identity all of their own, but the discerning listener can detect the Genesis and Pink Floyd influences. Vocalist Liam Campbell has a Peter Gabriel quality to his voice and sings with similar conviction. Some of the songs on the album are bordering on the epic: 'Theatre of the Absurd' and 'A Gathering of Crows' are extended songs which...
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Dial - Synchronized
Dial - Synchronized in Progressive Rock
Dial started during Fall of 2003 as a ‘forum’ for musical creativity. The general idea was to be free to make any kind of music without feeling bound to a certain genre or line up. Everyone brought their ideas and influences and threw them in the pot, and that’s how the music and sound of Dial was created. LiLo would bring her female rock oriented songs, while both Kristoffer and Rommert came from a more progressive pop/rock direction. This, together with a touch of industrial and a twist of new wave...
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Dimension Act - Manifestation of Progress
Dimension Act - Manifestation of Progress in Progressive Rock
Manifestation of Progress is the debut album of Norwegian melodic progressive metal outfit Dimension Act. After almost 4 years in the making, the band is finally ready to unveil their album debut to progressive metal fans all over the world. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Dream Theater, Evergrey, Pagan’s Mind and Ayreon, the sonic appearance of Manifestation of Progress would surely appeal to fans of both progressive and melodic metal. In addition, a solid portion of double bass drumming should...
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Echoes - Nature | Existence
Echoes - Nature | Existence in Progressive Rock
Nature|Existence, Echoes' first album is a mixture of prog-rock and math metal with a lot of post-rock, pop and industrial electronica thrown in for good measure. With collaborations from Tobias Jansson (Vocals: Silent Scythe, The Law), Nick Storr (Vocals: The Third Ending), Carl Webb (Vocals: Oceanwerks), Pedro Castillo (Vocals: Tempano/Aditus), Dave Duffus (Saxophone) and the Anechoic Chamber String Quartet, Nature|Existence tells a story of love found and lost over the cyclical nature of life, where...
Edward Heppenstall - Parts That Hate Me
Edward Heppenstall - Parts That Hate Me in Pop Rock
Though it was recorded and released in 2005, there's an oddly 1980s quality to Edward Heppenstall's debut album, not in the sense of new wave revivalists like Interpol or Franz Ferdinand but in the sense of mainstream '80s pop/rockers along the lines of Corey Hart or Richard Marx. A booming-voiced singer whose emotional sensor seems permanently set on "urgent," Heppenstall blares his way through every song even when a little more restraint would seem appropriate, as on the Night Ranger-like power ballad...
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Everwood - Without Saving
Everwood - Without Saving in Progressive Rock
"Without Saving" is the long awaited third studio album of the Hungarian melodic rock/metal band, Everwood. This record is the first true recorded collaboration since the new formation. Although not intentionally a concept album, it is a twelve-song trip into the depths of the human soul; a journey from an inevitable end, through the void and into the rebirth of letting go. All in all, it represents everything that the band has stood for in the past few years, showing a whole new range of thought provoking...
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Expedition Delta - Expedition Delta
Expedition Delta - Expedition Delta in Progressive Rock
Together with Srdjan Brankovic, many famous and great musicians are involved with the "Expedition Delta" album. Some of them are Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery), Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth), Richard Andersson (Time Requiem), Erik Norlander (Rocket Scientists), Joost van den Broek (Sfter Forever), Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge), Torsten Roehre (Silent Force), Santiago Dobles (Aghora) and many others... The whole album is sung by Nikola Mijic with the exception of 3 songs that include the appearance of...
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Factory of Dreams - A Strange Utopia
Factory of Dreams - A Strange Utopia in Progressive Rock
Factory of Dreams is a symphonic metal gothic project consisting of Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto. Hugo produces and creates all the music while Jessica provides her beautiful vocals. Following their album POLES in 2008, Factory of Dreams are back with a new production bringing a whole new epic and progressive feel to the sound crafted on their debut. More complex, heavier, faster and at the same time catchy, this is a huge album, featuring the hallmark of Factory of Dreams, with great melodic sense and...

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