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Jack Foster III - Jazzraptor's Secret
Jack Foster III - Jazzraptor's Secret in Progressive Rock
With Jacks 4th collaboration with Trent Gardner (Magellan) and Robert Berry in 5 years, we see the music really coalesce stylistically into something distinctive. The musical range is still there, but Trent, Robert and Jack have developed a sound that's unique and quite unmistakable. The album is extremely broad-ranged, exploring the mature themes of war, politics, marriage, and spirituality. But Jack makes these explorations without taking himself too seriously, and without preaching or being too...
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Jaugernaut - Contra-Mantra
Jaugernaut - Contra-Mantra in Progressive Rock
I tried. I really tried.... When the band split about oh, about 19 years ago, that was going to be it... We had independently released two albums, and at that time there was no one beating down our doors to sign us. In 1986 Jeff Woodhouse and Jim Valentine moved from our hometown of Olympia, Washington to L.A. In hopes that they would find musical success there. Drummer Jeff Wade went Metal, and I went to work as a Computer programmer, making a lame attempt with continuing the band with a few local...
Jim Gilmour - Great Escape
Jim Gilmour - Great Escape in Progressive Rock
In May 2005 during the Saga "Network" recording sessions, Saga keyboardist Jim Gilmour visited us at the ProgRock Records recording studio to lay down some keyboard solo's for Henning Pauly's rock opera "Babysteps". During that visit he was talking with PRR President Shawn Gordon about music in general and prog specifically when Shawn said "Jim, people love what a great prog keyboardist you are, you should do an over the top prog album that is going to really grab those fans who love your chops."....
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Jupiter Society - First Contact - Last Warning
Jupiter Society - First Contact - Last Warning in Progressive Rock
The Chairman of Jupiter Society, Carl Westholm, known from other Swedish acts like Carptree and Krux, now releases an epic concept album "First contact/Last warning". In collaboration with people like Leif Edling (Candlemass, Krux) Mats Levén (Krux, ex Therion, Y. Malmsteen) and Declan Burke (Darwins radio, Frost) among many others, He gives us an album with the ambient but symphonic production known from Carptree and with a clear presence of Heavier elements . Big arrangements, small details...
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Jupiter Society - Terraform
Jupiter Society - Terraform in Progressive Rock
Jupiter Society first launched in 2008 with the album "First Contact // Last Warning". The man behind this project and also the chairman of the Society, is Carl Westholm, previously known from Carptree, Krux and Candlemass. The idea about this epic concept albums is far older than that, the idea took form more then 10 years ago in Carls mind but did not come to life before 2007 when he was not busy with other projects. Now in 2009, Jupiter Society releases the sequel called "Terraform" again with a...
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Lizette & - This Is
Lizette & - This Is in Pop Rock
This album is strongly influenced by the production and writing style of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails with a bit of older Alanis Morissette thrown in for good measure. Great industrial pop....
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Matt Cash - Western Country
Matt Cash - Western Country in Country and Western
Taking a break from all the progressive, pop and metal that Matt has been doing the last few years with cohort Henning Pauly, Matt decided to do a "modern" country album, of course working with Henning once again. The idea was to take a slightly different approach to the Country genre but keep the songs filled with hook laden melodies. There are some surprise guests on this release that is sure to catch the attention of the Country music world. Available through MVD Distribution....
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Michael Gill - Blues for Lazarus
Michael Gill - Blues for Lazarus in Progressive Rock
San Francisco Bay Area - based pianist, composer, and band-leader, Michael Gill, has released an engaging, energetic, and evocative debut solo project. With an array of great players from both Northern and Southern California, “Blues for Lazarus” showcases Gill’s composing, arranging, and keyboard skills. About half of the CD is devoted to creative musical interpretations of favorite Speculative Fiction novels including Robert A. Heinlein’s “Time Enough for Love,” Mary Stewart’s “The...
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Nine Stones Close - Falling To Pieces
Nine Stones Close - Falling To Pieces in Progressive Rock
Reinventions and reworkings of tracks from the Traces album. Sometimes new light can be shed upon a lyric or a musical phrase by the re-interpretation of its parts. Soulful and emotive, pared back and yet soaring, the Falling To Pieces EP reveals another side of Nine Stones Close....
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Odin's Court - Appalachian Court
Odin's Court - Appalachian Court in Progressive Rock
Appalachian Court is a new, all acoustic album from ODIN’S COURT, a USA based rock and metal band. The album, while firmly rooted in the acoustic rock realm, has its own, unique, well blended sound featuring aspects of various genres such as rock, progressive, folk, country, bluegrass, reggae, jazz, and more. This release, the third on PROGROCK RECORDS, takes the band in a very different direction than 2011’s HUMAN LIFE IN MOTION and 2008’s DEATHANITY. Band leader Matt Brookins comments, “We have...
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