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Jim Gilmour - Great Escape
Jim Gilmour - Great Escape in Progressive Rock
In May 2005 during the Saga "Network" recording sessions, Saga keyboardist Jim Gilmour visited us at the ProgRock Records recording studio to lay down some keyboard solo's for Henning Pauly's rock opera "Babysteps". During that visit he was talking with PRR President Shawn Gordon about music in general and prog specifically when Shawn said "Jim, people love what a great prog keyboardist you are, you should do an over the top prog album that is going to really grab those fans who love your chops."....
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Jupiter Society - Terraform
Jupiter Society - Terraform in Progressive Rock
Jupiter Society first launched in 2008 with the album "First Contact // Last Warning". The man behind this project and also the chairman of the Society, is Carl Westholm, previously known from Carptree, Krux and Candlemass. The idea about this epic concept albums is far older than that, the idea took form more then 10 years ago in Carls mind but did not come to life before 2007 when he was not busy with other projects. Now in 2009, Jupiter Society releases the sequel called "Terraform" again with a...
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Lizette & - This Is
Lizette & - This Is in Pop Rock
This album is strongly influenced by the production and writing style of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails with a bit of older Alanis Morissette thrown in for good measure. Great industrial pop....
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Nine Stones Close - Falling To Pieces
Nine Stones Close - Falling To Pieces in Progressive Rock
Reinventions and reworkings of tracks from the Traces album. Sometimes new light can be shed upon a lyric or a musical phrase by the re-interpretation of its parts. Soulful and emotive, pared back and yet soaring, the Falling To Pieces EP reveals another side of Nine Stones Close....
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Oz Knozz - True Believer
Oz Knozz - True Believer in Pop Rock
Oz Knozz is Duane Massey, Milton DeCoronado, Robert Guinea, Bill Massey, and Marty Naul. The ten tracks on their latest release are as innovative as they are impressive. The majestic "Empty Room" sparkles with two familiar Oz Knozz elements: great solo work and subtle, tasteful harmonies. The guitar-driven "Goodbye Again" sports a Kansas (the band) flavor, and "Far Away" is a splendid vocal fest. The award for best groove on this offering goes to "Fox Paws", a sharp and sleek number featuring tight horn...
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PBII - Plastic Soup
PBII - Plastic Soup in Progressive Rock
Plastic Soup is the first album of the new Dutch Progressive rock band PBII, the successor to the well known Plackband of the 70's and 80's, often called the Dutch Genesis. Plastic Soup however, has a sound that is absolutely 2010: modern, fresh and rocky but still with some great symphonic influences of the past. Stylistically, you could place it somewhere between Spocks Beard, Porcupine Tree, Frost*, Marilion, Linkin Park and Genesis. Special guests include John Mitchell (Arena, It Bites, Frost*)...
Planet P Project - 1931: Go Out Dancing Part 1
Planet P Project - 1931: Go Out Dancing Part 1 in Progressive Rock
"1931" is the first record of a trilogy: "Go Out Dancing", which will continue with "Levittown", about the fifties, from drunken Joe McCarthy to the Birth of the Cool to the Kennedy Boys, and "Out In The Rain" which according to Tony, will be all he has to say about the disgraceful state of the world's unfortunates - which of course is just about everybody... "1931" itself deals with the radical right, starting in Weimar Germany in 1923, right through to the Federal Building and including all that fun...
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Poor Genetic Material - Island Noises
Poor Genetic Material - Island Noises in Progressive Rock
Island Noises is a double concept album based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Yet, the album does not try to re-tell the but rather explores certain ideas, atmospheres and characters plot of the original play and so becomes a work in its own right. “Why Shakespeare?” “Why The Tempest?” you may ask. Well, there’s a sorcerer, a spirit of the air, a monstrous creature, there is romance and attempted murder, it’s about the stuff that dreams are made on ... sounds like a prog-concept album?...
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Primitive Overflow - Honor Way Down
Primitive Overflow - Honor Way Down in Progressive Rock
**Out Of Stock** Primitive Overflow presents an exciting new progressive rock album featuring Donnie Vie, singer/songwriter of the 80s MTV era band Enuff Z' Nuff. "Honor Way Down" features progressive cuts with power pop hooks that both sound current and evoke the early progressive scene, when rock & roll was a very spiritual matter.   Primitive Overflow is the brainchild of Hoyt Binder, a Los Angeles based guitarist/songwriter with a passion for deep music.  Inspired by “The Creative,” he creates...
Project Creation - Dawn on Pyther
Project Creation - Dawn on Pyther in Progressive Rock
The story for the second album by Project Creation is this: The new planet named Pyther is now growing. The new beings and the civilization of the Floating World that created them and colonized the new planet, are now living together: humans, meka dragonflies, new born and a new breed of Flying Thoughts that appears to have been created by a somehow living Cheops pyramid. The Dragonflies now have finally a garden of their own, a real garden like they were hoping to see someday, since these small entities...
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