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A Chinese Firedrill - Circles
A Chinese Firedrill - Circles in Progressive Rock
A Chinese Firedrill “circles” is a solo project from veteran bassist/producer Joey Vera. Joey has been in the music business since 1981 having been involved in many groups including Armored Saint, Fates Warning (both of which he is still a current member), Anthrax, OSI, Tribe After Tribe, Chroma Key, Seven Witches and Engine to name a few. A Chinese Firedrill "circles" was written, recorded and performed by Joey from May 2005 to June 2006. Truly a solo project, Joey performs all of the instruments and...
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AKIN - The way things end
AKIN - The way things end in Progressive Rock
"The way things end" is an hour plus, 15 track adventure, mixing progressive rock, metal, pop music and a bit of jazz. A string quartet from the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Lyon performs on it along with a classical flute, percussion and some other exotic instruments, such as the dilruba. The result is, as recently noted by an English reviewer, "a work of harmonious contrasts, (...) a jazzy liveliness but with a melancholy gothic underbelly; delicate subtlety and driving power...
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Amaran's Plight - Voice in the Light
Amaran's Plight - Voice in the Light in Progressive Rock
Voice in the Light is the debut release from the powerhouse Symphonic Prog-metal band Amaran’s Plight. The clever and inventive writing skills of Gary Wehrkamp and DC Cooper are evident with the many memorable melodies, riffs and chops as well as mind numbing instrumentals and solos. The impressive rhythm section of Nick D’Virgilio and Kurt Barabas complete the circle with rock solid drumming and bass work. The band worked hard in 2006 to create a Progressive album of epic proportion. The conceptual...
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Amaran's Plight - Voice in the Light (Limited Autographed Edition)
Amaran's Plight - Voice in the Light (Limited Autographed Edition) in Progressive Rock
This is a very special and very limited edition of Amaran's Plight "Voice in the Light". The booklet is autographed by virtually everyone involved in the project. We won't be getting any more of these, so move fast and get your piece of history while you can. If you are unfamiliar with Amaran's Plight you can read about it, hear samples and read reviews here....
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arK - Wild Untamed Imaginings
arK - Wild Untamed Imaginings in Progressive Rock
As well as being a line from the song 'New Scientist', 'Wild Untamed Imaginings' is an apt title for this collection of story based songs. From the adventure of a child's mind at the excitement of going on holiday, to a chance meeting full of possibilities that can never be anything more, from ordinary people caught in an extraordinary conflict to what might lurk behind those suburban net curtains, to leaving the earth to escape man made destruction, each song tells a different tale. Mixing folk, hard...
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AtmOsfear - Zenith
AtmOsfear - Zenith in Progressive Rock
Founded in 1996, AtmOsfear is a unique Progressive-Metal-Project out of Germany. Premium class independent progressive Metal with a perfect rhythm section and a powerful & highly melodic voice, combined with screaming guitars and virtuous, atmospheric keyboards. Having performed with bands such as Evergrey, Vanden Plac, Sun Caged and Pain of Salvation, the band is back with their 3rd Album “Zenith”. The band continues to evolve, creating fascinating soundscapes with a melodic hook but never loosing...
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Centric Jones - The Antikythera Method
Centric Jones - The Antikythera Method in Progressive Rock
The Antikythera Method bears witness to the growing musical abilities of and friendship between Chris Fournier and Tobe London over the nearly two years spanning early 2010 to late 2011. Starting off as a re-connection between them after a break following their first Centric Jones album (Foreign Tea), the album sessions evolved into the band gaining deeper insights into their composition, recording, production, and rehearsal methods - the result is an album that flows like the Northern Lights across the...
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Chain - chain.exe
Chain - chain.exe in Progressive Rock
Chain's second album "chain.exe" is now upon us. After the work on this CD had to be put on hold for the production of the critically acclaimed "Frameshift", featuring Dream Theater's James LaBrie, Henning Pauly has finished the follow up album. This time around he could gather some amazing musicians to help him make this CD a more impressive progressive metal experience. Among the musicians are Michael Sadler, lead singer from SAGA, and Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Mullmuzzler, Beer for Dolphins...
Chain - chain.exe DVD
Chain - chain.exe DVD in Progressive Rock
This is the DVD that is included with the Limited Edition of chain.exe, it includes nearly 4 hours of behind the scenes DVD of the "making of" 'chain.exe', a video of Eama Hut, interviews and other great stuff. You'll get to see Mike Keneally, Michael Sadler, Jody Ashworth and all the other guests and members of the band as they worked on the album. Note: This is an NTSC format available for all regions and should play on European DVD players but is not guaranteed to play. If it does play, you might find...
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Chain - Reconstruct
Chain - Reconstruct in Progressive Rock
RECONSTRUCT is a concept album spanning the complete history of evolutionary time. It contains 10 songs (2 of which are instrumentals) weaved together by seven "Earthscapes", connecting pieces which sometimes sound more like ambient music or a filmscore. Henning Pauly of Chain is also responsible for the groundbreaking album Frameshift with James LaBrie of Dream Theater. Vocalist Matt Cash of Chain also has a solo album available here....
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