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Ghost Circus - Across The Line


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...In contrast with its predecessor, "Across The Line" sounds more mature. Although it continues in...

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...Ghost Circus typify the current outlook of the genre- unafraid to take chances, putting all...

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Their ambitious second album, ACROSS THE LINE, is a concept album following one man's path from death to the hereafter; a ghost story from a unique perspective. Combining elements of AOR and Progressive Rock, there is a lot to enjoy here. Significant equipment upgrades to both studios has allowed for a wider and more accurate expression of the duos’ unusual musical vision. ACROSS THE LINE proves that Ghost Circus has melded into a cohesive blend of the eclectic talents of Chris Brown and Ronald Wahle.

Album tracks

  • 1 - 1. Reflection
  • 2 - 2. Pathway
  • 3 - 3. Holding On
  • 4 - 4. To Be
  • 5 - 5. Losing Time
  • 6 - 6. Through The Darkness
  • 7 - 7. Through The Light
  • 8 - 8. Across The Line

Album samples