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Under the Sun - Schematism - On Stage With Under The Sun
Under the Sun - Schematism - On Stage With Under The Sun in Progressive Rock
“Schematism ~ Onstage With Under The Sun” is culled from the band’s performance in 2001 at the NEARfest music festival, held yearly in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has been mixed by producer/engineer Brad Aaron (of Kansas fame). This recording is unlike any other stereo live disc you’ve heard before. The stereo-imaging of the traditionally-recorded live setting has been reversed… This album is not one of those “live” CD’s that puts you in the crowd, away from the stage… This CD is...
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Unwritten Pages - Noah
Unwritten Pages - Noah in Progressive Rock
Unwritten Pages’ Noah is an album born out of a passion for progressive, driving music, concept albums and 80’s science-fiction film. It combines the broad musical taste of its creator Frederic Epe and the stylistic and unique musical backgrounds of each project member, reaching from rock and metal to Latin influences and more classical/score-oriented arrangements. The album features soaring guitars, fat organs and bone-breaking drums, as well as a healthy dose of retro. But most of all, it never...
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WolfSpring - WolfSpring
WolfSpring - WolfSpring in Progressive Rock
The debut album, simply called “WolfSpring”, contains 8 tracks with a strong personality, where virtuosity is always turned to a music that’s complex, rich and yet within the reach of anybody. You will maybe hear some Led Zeppelin, Muse, Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd influences, but you will never accuse the band of plagiarism, as they digested the past to create music for today....
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