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Jim Gilmour - Great Escape


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This is very powerful progressive rock where the keyboards have a fundamental role. The music here...

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...Closing the album is one of the finest progressive rock songs in this age, "Last Portage". It...

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In May 2005 during the Saga "Network" recording sessions, Saga keyboardist Jim Gilmour visited us at the ProgRock Records recording studio to lay down some keyboard solo's for Henning Pauly's rock opera "Babysteps". During that visit he was talking with PRR President Shawn Gordon about music in general and prog specifically when Shawn said "Jim, people love what a great prog keyboardist you are, you should do an over the top prog album that is going to really grab those fans who love your chops.". Apparently Jim liked the idea because he wrote and recorded "Great Escape" comprised of 5 instrumental tracks and 5 with vocals. The music and words on this cd were written with images and experiences Jim had on his many excursions in the Canadian wilderness most beautiful some even dangerous! So to express these feelings he's drawn from a diverse palette using elements of ‘progressive rock' ‘jazz’ ‘improvisation’ even folk and pop. Jim is hoping his experiences and visions will bring the listener on a journey as close to possible as the ones he's encountered. You're going to love it!

Jim Gilmour - Keyboards & Vocals
John Bianchini - Guitars
Christian Simpson - Drums (Tracks 3, 4 & 6)
Roger Banks - Drums (Tracks 1, 2, 5, 9 & 10)
Corrina Tofani - Additional Vocals

Written by Jim Gilmour

Produced and Engineered by
John Bianchini & Jim Gilmour
Recorded at Empire Studios and Good Sheppard Studio Toronto, Canada
Mixed by John Bianchini
Mastered by Henning Pauly

CD Artwork by Moritz Stübig

Album tracks

  • 1 - 1. No Sign
  • 2 - 2. Algonquin
  • 3 - 3. Lost Along The Way
  • 4 - 4. Killarney Sunrise
  • 5 - 5. The Northwind
  • 6 - 6. Radiant Lake
  • 7 - 7. Carden Isle
  • 8 - 8. Wasteland
  • 9 - 9. Canoe Do It?
  • 10 - 10. Last Portage

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