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...On Unwritten Pages Part 1: Noah Mr. Epe blends his love for concept albums, sci-fi themes, and a...

In what might be the most adventurous debut effort to date Unwritten Pages leader and main man...

Conclusion. With "Part I: Noah", Unwritten Pages have launched their initial effort with a fairly...

It would be a mistake to put this project in the Prog Metal category although there are many...

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Unwritten Pages’ Noah is an album born out of a passion for progressive, driving music, concept albums and 80’s science-fiction film. It combines the broad musical taste of its creator Frederic Epe and the stylistic and unique musical backgrounds of each project member, reaching from rock and metal to Latin influences and more classical/score-oriented arrangements.

The album features soaring guitars, fat organs and bone-breaking drums, as well as a healthy dose of retro. But most of all, it never loses its focus on unique and melody-driven song-writing. And it comes in the form of an ambitious story, told through the eyes of the vocalists and musicians.

Noah tells the story of a boy born in the ruins of the futuristic Utopia City, and Maria, the daughter of a ruthless politician who has – literally – split Utopia City in half and driven the poor to a district known as LS01X. As the political climate escalates, a few hundred people from both sides of the city are forced to leave their home world and start a new life on Mars. Here, both Maria and the boy grow up in the middle of a rising conflict between two factions that are unwilling to ignore their grudge-ridden past.
Noah features the talents of Damian Wilson (Threshold, Ayreon, Les Misérables), Karl Groom (Threshold, Shadowland), Davy Mickers (Stream of Passion, Ayreon), Alejandro Millán (Hello Madness, Stream of Passion) and many others.

The album contains 15 epic songs and comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet by renowned Swedish artist Mattias Norén.

Alejandro had this to say "It's an album with strong themes filled with heart and emotion. The music speaks for itself.".

Davy Mickers had this to say "I recognized a lot from Fred's enthousiasm and dedication, because I was trying to produce a project quite similar to Unwritten Pages at the time. The music was challenging for me to play and we had a lot of fun working on this project."

Damian had this to say "I was impressed by Fred's dedication and drive to complete his vision of how the album should be. He was not going to let anything stand in his way to producing his absolute best.".

Karl had this to say "It was a pleasure to help Fred out in some small way for his recent project.".

"This is an ambitious prog-rock epic, with a wide range of musical styles and an intricate underlying story. It gets better with each listen." - Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.

Album tracks

  • 1 - CD1 - 1. Prologue (This New World)
  • 1 - CD2 - 1. The Uranium Machine
  • 2 - CD1 - 2. The Boy is Awake
  • 2 - CD2 - 2. Falling Stars
  • 3 - CD1 - 3. In the Name of Ishmael
  • 3 - CD2 - 3. Unexpected Twists & Turns
  • 4 - CD2 - 4. These Haunted Days
  • 4 - CD1 - 4. Royalty & Conspiracies
  • 5 - CD2 - 5. Blowing Red Ashes Pt. II
  • 5 - CD1 - 5. Red Ashes (The Privilege of War)
  • 6 - CD1 - 6. Solar Blast
  • 6 - CD2 - 6. Flora & ...
  • 7 - CD2 - 7. Life
  • 7 - CD1 - 7. Deimos Theme
  • 8 - CD1 - 8. Blowing Red Ashes Pt. I

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