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The Third Ending - The Third Ending
The Third Ending - The Third Ending in Progressive Rock
"Balancing songwriting and musicianship in a manner rarely achieved in the world of progressive rock, The Third Ending's new album rewards on both the individual-song and the whole-album levels. There's plenty of killer playing as well, but it's all without showing off for showing off's sake. Refreshingly mature and entirely cohesive." - Bryan Beller: solo artist and bassist with The Mike Keneally Band, Steve Vai, James LaBrie, Kevin Gilbert, and Dweezil Zappa among others. Nick Storr: Vocals, keyboards...
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This Misery Garden - Another Great Day on Earth
This Misery Garden - Another Great Day on Earth in Progressive Rock
This Misery Garden is a Dark rock/metal band influenced by bands such as Katatonia, Tool and Perfect Circle. Their aim is to deliver genuine, intense music: Melancholy and hope, anger and serenity, love and death, all of this blend altogether to create a vivid and illuminating sound....
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Touchstone - Live in the USA...
Touchstone - Live in the USA... in Progressive Rock
This is the band's first double album and is a selection of fourteen live tracks capturing the energy and excitement of two gigs performed in the USA in 2009 in Philadelphia and California. The album showcases the band's powerful performance of tracks from all three previous studio releases. The album has been mixed at Outhouse Studios and mastered by Tim Turan....
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Under the Sun - Schematism - On Stage With Under The Sun
Under the Sun - Schematism - On Stage With Under The Sun in Progressive Rock
“Schematism ~ Onstage With Under The Sun” is culled from the band’s performance in 2001 at the NEARfest music festival, held yearly in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has been mixed by producer/engineer Brad Aaron (of Kansas fame). This recording is unlike any other stereo live disc you’ve heard before. The stereo-imaging of the traditionally-recorded live setting has been reversed… This album is not one of those “live” CD’s that puts you in the crowd, away from the stage… This CD is...
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Unwritten Pages - Noah
Unwritten Pages - Noah in Progressive Rock
Unwritten Pages’ Noah is an album born out of a passion for progressive, driving music, concept albums and 80’s science-fiction film. It combines the broad musical taste of its creator Frederic Epe and the stylistic and unique musical backgrounds of each project member, reaching from rock and metal to Latin influences and more classical/score-oriented arrangements. The album features soaring guitars, fat organs and bone-breaking drums, as well as a healthy dose of retro. But most of all, it never...
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Vonassi - The Battle of Ego
Vonassi - The Battle of Ego in Progressive Rock
The Battle of Ego is a powerful and ambitious statement of progressive rock music. It delivers a bombast of exciting textures, driving dynamics, expressive vocal melodies, and adventurous rhythmic changes that take a listener on a musical journey. Vonassi has created a solid and well produced album that stands strong on its own....
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Votum - Time Must Have a Stop
Votum - Time Must Have a Stop in Progressive Rock
"We’ve got a report! Send someone in there…" "There’s an event that begins the story… . There’s someone whose only wish is to forget about it all… ." "Pain is the only thing I remember. It preoccupied my thoughts, took over my memories. She was there to annihilate it … ." A madman turning his vision into reality, a crippled soul who has found a way to release his urge… . A woman affected by his horrendous art, is reliving the past, having been deprived of the present , becoming his...
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WithoutEnding - WithoutEnding
WithoutEnding - WithoutEnding in Progressive Rock
Australian progressive rock band WithoutEnding delivers a debut album offering a very original interpretation of modern Progressive Metal/Rock. The album's main concept of change and consequences is conveyed through a blend of dark melodic progressive music with very dark and emotional lyrical content. The opening track "Again" is based on the idea of coming face to face with temptation and living with your consequences and sets the scene for the rest of the album. "In Transit", perhaps the most...
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WolfSpring - WolfSpring
WolfSpring - WolfSpring in Progressive Rock
The debut album, simply called “WolfSpring”, contains 8 tracks with a strong personality, where virtuosity is always turned to a music that’s complex, rich and yet within the reach of anybody. You will maybe hear some Led Zeppelin, Muse, Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd influences, but you will never accuse the band of plagiarism, as they digested the past to create music for today....
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Xanadu - The Last Sunrise
Xanadu - The Last Sunrise in Progressive Rock
"The Last Sunrise" is an intelligent mixture of ambitious and emotional music with significant rock character. The debut album "The Last Sunrise" is 7 exceptional pieces constituting the essence of prog rock. Both the music and vocal layer make it a unique album on the world level. ...
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