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Moon Safari - The Gettysburg Address

The big question surrounding the band was if they would be able to replicate their often intricate vocal harmonies live on stage. The answer? Yes, yes, definitely yes! They take a number or two to warm up fully but once they hit their stride there is no stopping them! Even if you are a cynic and reckon that it has all been re-done in the studio after the event, there are some songs up on YouTube (including the 'missing' Constant Bloom) that proves their capabilities in the live, unadulterated setting. It doesn't really seem pertinent to go through the tracks as you can find a more in-depth discussion of the songs that are included in the context of the original albums from the DPRP reviews. However, the selection of material provides a very good synopsis of the range of material that Moon Safari write - from the excellent, more pop-tinged New York City Summergirl to the epic highlight of the [blomljud] album Other Half Of The Sky. The other nice thing to hear is the communication between the band and the audience which is often humorous and even self-depreciating.

What to say in general about this release? Well, the recordings just left me speechless. Everything falls just in place and is perfectly done. Therefore I can only give the highest rating to The Gettysburg Address. This album probably is for Moon Safari what Yessongs was for Yes, Seconds Out for Genesis, Exit Stage Left for Rush and Two for The Show for Kansas. These are all live albums representing strong progressive rock music, which can be said about this one as well. Currently Moon Safari undoubtedly belongs to the best live acts in the genre!