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Unwritten Pages

To call the birth of Unwritten Pages somewhat odd is a bit of an understatement.

What started as a pure story-based project back in 2005 eventually became a full-fledged musical collaboration between the centrepieces of Unwritten Pages, Frederic Epe (vocals, keyboards), Michel Epe (guitars) and Glenn (production, guitars).

When they realized that they had something unique going, more and more time was spent on writing a full set of songs. This led founder Frederic Epe to spend the next five years on financing an album and giving every single step of the production the thought and time needed. Unwritten Pages’ debut album Noah was born.

It soon became clear that a cast of additional talent was needed to realize a sci-fi concept album that focuses on unique and quirky characters. Renowned musicians and artists such as Damian Wilson (Threshold, Ayreon, Les Misérables), Karl Groom (Threshold, Shadowland), Davy Mickers (Stream of Passion, Ayreon) and Alejandro Millán (Hello Madness, Stream of Passion) soon joined the project to bring the story to life. Swedish designer Mattias Norén, known for his great sci-fi artworks, took visuals to the next level by creating the artwork and booklet for Noah.

When the making of the album finally reached its final stages in early 2010, Karl Groom of UK’s premier progressive metal band Threshold lend his trademark guitar sound to the album and wrapped things up at Thin Ice Studios.

Noah marks the beginning of Unwritten Pages and the start of something beautiful.

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