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Hasse Fröberg

Over the years people kept asking me, when are you gonna do a record of your own? The only answer I could give was, to record an album you need songs and in fact in 2008, I started to write in a more active way. The music you hear on"FuturePast" was written during that period. As I've been a member of the established progrock band The Flower Kings for thirteen years, I really had to think twice before I decided to do it. To step out of the shadows of the
"mighty Kings" is not easy, since people have very high expectations.

All the music has been written on my acoustic guitar. If you compare it with previous records I've been involved in, there's a lot more focus on my voice but also my guitar playing. Talking about guitar playing. This time around I'm
fortunate enough to have the young gunslinger Anton Lindsjö, handling the lead guitar and even some mandolin. Another quite new acquaintance is the HFMC keyboard player Kjell Haraldsson, who's been touring with names such as Michael Schenker, Glenn Hughes and Joe-Lynn Turner amongst others. When it comes to the rythm department, there's two for me very familiar faces there. On drums we have Ola Strandberg, that I played with in Spellbound, back in the eighties.
Thomsson, who's taking care of the bass, has been a friend of mine all my life and we've been playing together in different bands for 33 years!

As I always prefer a band with the chemistry and (hopefully) the sound that comes along with it, I decided to form HFMC to record the music that eventually became "FuturePast". Another point of having a living, breathing and playing
band, is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to play live. At this point we already got some gigs lined up and we hope for more!

Hasse Fröberg July 2010

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