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Chain - Reconstruct

Italian review

Chain was formed in 1994 and existed for one year, then the band broke up.Years later Henning Pauly re-discovered old material on tapes recorded during a rehearsal and decided to produce the album in LA where he lives.The end product is, Reconstruct, which that should have been made 9 years earlier was finally finished. The debut features 17 tracks spanning over 75 minutes of some very well played heavy progressive rock bordering on metal without being pigeon holed into the prog-metal genre.

...Message for the many Ayreon fans out there: Chain's Reconstruct is for you!! Why do I say this? Not because the two bands sound alike since they both have their own sound. It's more that they add common ingredients to their music that should appeal to the same fans...

...The music is well variable, played professionnally by great musicians, they are well great players, it's obvious. It's a long concept CD of more than 70 minutes of music with lyrics on the 'itself destruction of the human race', with surely lot of research within the lyrics, cause is not the same minding as the usual one concerning the 'natural evolution'. But don't think to find here a true prog CD, really, as I say it's an heavy-rock'n'roll-rock offshoot before and into a progressive format. This is not a bad CD for all that, a great one in the genre :-).

...A few steps ahead of most of their hard progressive counterparts, Chain have released a fine example of how aggressive progressive and science-fiction themes should be meshed together. No childish fantasy themes or useless wanking here, Reconstruct is simply one the finest new hard progressive discs I have heard in the last little while. Recommended.

...Besides the strong composing qualities, the production is also very good and they have a challenging subject that will give you food for thought. So not only the music lover can enjoy this one, but also philosophers and intellectuals can try this one. Bottom line: excellent prog album with lots of metal riffs and influences and everything else you want. One last thing about the lyrics: in the credits you can see some familiar names: Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), John Cleese and Graham Chapman! Well, it is about the Meaning of Life, in nearly 80 minutes! Enjoy it.

...It does not take too long to appreciate this album or at least I did not need much time to get used to it. All songs are of a well above average quality. Especially Before There Was, which is a perfect instrumental beginning to this album. I bit too perfect almost: in my opinion it is the best song on the album. Six minutes into the album and the best part is already behind you - a perfect combination of keys and (guitar) strings. Modest piano parts that are interleaved by strong guitar and drum parts. To me this is really an energy shot. This song is firm-soft-firm and "my oh my" the piano loops. First Life at first came across to me as a somewhat a ordinary rock song but after listening more often I am starting to enjoy this song. It is the first example of Matt Cash's vocals and what nice vocals they are...

...Mixing elements of conceptual opuses, improvisational jamming, symphonic overtones, heavy metal riff structure, as well as sub ambient atmospheric timbre structure providing the tone for “Reconstruct,” Chain brings forth an aggressive album filled with diversity that lacks redundancy that plagues many acts today, making every cut on this record stand out alone...

...As already mentioned I am not to keen on progmetal, but this album of Chain is a pleasant exception to the rule that heavy guitar riffs dominate this type of music. Compositions and arrangements are on the one hand, especially for this genre, very refreshing, well-considered and certainly progressive. The sound of Chain offers a pleasant balance between (of course) heavy riffs, speedy solos and melodious, more delicate parts. Especially the keyboard play of Stephan Kernbach attracts me very much. This should certainly appeal to all devotees of progressive rock.

Spanish review