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Shadow's Mignon

Henning Pauly is known for a wide variety of albums, but most notably for his releases with Frameshift where he could work with singers James LaBrie (Dream Theater) on the first album and Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row) on the second. He released two albums with the Progmetal band CHAIN where he first worked with Michael Sadler of SAGA fame. Juan Roos already lend his amazing pipes to Henning's music on "Credit Where Credit is Due" (the second Henning Pauly titled release after "13 Days"), which explored the realm of Nu-Metal and industrial Sounds. "Greatest Hits" from THE ANTHOLOGIES was Henning's journey into punk. "Babysteps" was his rock opera which featured Jody Ashworth (Trans Siberian Orchestra), James LaBrie and Michael Sadler. Henning also lends his talents to other artists as a producer and co-writer like on Edward Heppenstall's "Parts that Hate me" and Matt Cash's country album "Western Country". More than wanting to be rich and famous, Henning's goal is to learn new things by doing them and that must be the reason why every new CD is an exploration of a different aspect of modern music, but no matter what style he writes in, his signature always shines through and fans of his music enjoy just that.

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