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Oz Knozz - True Believer

Standout tracks are lighters-in-the-air Empty Room and Goodbye Again. The curiously-titled Fox Paws moves the album from nostalgic riffing to quirky beats and a horn section, which although interesting is somewhat tenuous (except perhaps compared to the jazzy What The...?). But they crown it all with the epic Kings and Treasures, a 7-minute anthem encompassing everything there is to love about 70s prog rock - tense drumbeats, pompous fanfares and wistful harmonised lyrics... kitchen sink and all. Despite voyages into the unknown, True Believer hardly breaks new territory. But to expect that is to somewhat miss the point: this album makes you feel great. It's hardly heavy going for prog, and cuts to the quick of the best elements of an almost-lost genre with fantastic modern production and sound quality.

It is with great pleasure that I write about this disk. The previous album from these Texan gents I already liked very much, and this one grabbed me from the opening seconds of Empty Room. This is pomp in optima forma! The kind of music that got me into playing myself, and I will never stop listening to. Okay, fair is fair, expect nothing really new or earth shattering. But if you feel, like me, that music should be about good songs, craftsmanship and energy, then look no further. This stuff is highly addictive and still not predictable. With their history and experience, they avoid clich├ęs easily. So nothing new maybe, but still oh so good. By the way, what is unique is that they have a trumpet and a sax player among them. Listen to Fox Paws and tell me that is not working!