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Tadashi Goto

Born in 1976, as a baby Tadashi Goto grew up listening classical music, by the age of 5 he began playing the organ and composing his own music which garnered him attention in a variety of original song contests in Japan.

At 22 Tadashi jumped in to composing with synthesizers, shortly after that he move to Australia as a postgraduate student learning English grammar (one of his dreams was to be an English teacher). While he was there, he came across progressive music for the first time where he discovered U.K, ELP. Chick Corea and many prog/fusion bands. He said that his discover of prog was meant to was fate. While writing his thesis for a masters degree in English grammar, he began to think back on the compositions he had started as a child and wanted to revisit them with his new influences and skills and began to put together demo’s of the tracks. Upon his return to Japan he was determined to finish these demos and release them. After finishing the songs he submitted the album to Musea and so was released his first album “Soundscape”.

Based on the positive reaction and feedback from that humble beginning, Tadashi has assembled an impressive array of musicians that are working with him on his new release such as Sean Conklin, Randy George, Brett Garsed, Tony Franklin, David Ellefson, Chris Poland, Tony Levin, Matt Bissonette, Joseph Patrick Moore, Alan Morse and more. Tadashi has also developed an intense interest in heavy metal with bands like Metallica and Megadeth, as a result the new album has some incredibly heavy and scorching songs and passages. His new album “INNERVISIONS” will be out in early 2008.

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