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Sylvan > Posthumous Silence - The Show

Sylvan - Posthumous Silence - The Show


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After the incredible success of their concept album “Posthumous Silence”, Sylvan staged a huge live show on September 1, 2007 to record this stunning double CD as well as a DVD. With a string section and backup singers and a powerful light show, this sold out show brings all of Posthumous Silence to life as well as other Sylvan favorites. This version is NTSC, which usually means U.S. only. If you are in Europe, please check the band web site or your favorite retailer to get a PAL version unless you are sure your DVD player supports NTSC.

DVD Credits:
Marco Glühmann – vocals
Matthias Harder – drums
Sebastian Harnack – bass
Jan Petersen – guitars
Volker Söhl - keyboards

Guest musicians:
Guido Bungenstock - guitars
Stephanie Hundertmark - cello
Petra Schechter - choir
Miriam Schell - choir
Stefanie Richter - choir

Produced by SYLVAN

Filmed and recorded live at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany - September 1st 2007

DVD Track List:
1. Eternity Ends
2. Bequest Of Tears
3. In Chains
4. Bitter Symphony
5. Pane Of Truth
6. No Earthly Reason
7. Forgotten Virtue
8. The Colors Changed
9. A Sad Sympathy
10. Questions
11. Answer To Life
12. Message From The Past
13. The Last Embrace
14. A Kind Of Eden
15. Posthumous Silence

DVD Features:
1. Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Mix
2. Audio commentary by the band
3. Subtitles in English and German (German subtitles = complete translation of all lyrics)
4. Full motion menus

DVD Bonus Features:
1. Making of: "In the Studio 2005-2006" (The recording of "Posthumous Silence" and "Presets")
2. Making of: "34 Days" (Behind the scenes footage of the production)
3. Interviews with Sylvan and their main technicians
4. Slide show
5. Bonus song: “Artificial Paradise”