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Sandstone was formed in 2001. Their first year was as a 4 piece without keyboards and began composing songs, but they realized to get the sound they desired, that a keyboardist would be needed. In 2002 the band started recording their first demo, which stylistically could be called progmetal. They sent the demo all over the world and received very positive response which encouraged them to go in to the studio and record the full length album which was completed in January 2006. On March 2nd 2006 Sandstone was signed to ProgRock Records and their debut album "Looking for Myself" will be released in April 2006.

Band members:
Marcin Zmorzynski - vocals
Arkadiusz Magner - drums
Jarek Niecikowski - guitars
Marcin Mathiak - bass guitar
Grzegorz Marecik - keybords

Wojtek Placzek - manager

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