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Puppet Show

“Didn’t Spinal Tap open for you guys once?” – Anonymous

Intricate arrangements, incredible drumming, innovative bass/ guitar/ keyboard interplay, and imaginative vocals all begin to describe Puppet Show – a group of musicians based in the heart of Northern California’s “Silicon Valley.” Formed in 1994, the group plays music that combines fluent melodic work with odd meters and strong vocals. As a bonus, their songs also come complete with multiple sections, instrumental breaks, a solo or two, quiet and loud parts, and occasional snoring. The band garnered critical acclaim for their Bay Area live performances in the 1990s including standout gigs at East Bay Prog Day and headlining the Exposé Concert Series premier event. Response to the release of Puppet Show’s debut album “Traumatized” in 1998 was so strong that the band also got the opportunity to play at the international festivals Baja Prog and ProgFest in the following years. After a great start, the future of the band began to look uncertain in 2000 when it appeared as if various otherwise-positive life events might deal a fatal blow to Puppet Show. “Real” jobs, family matters, and a few drummer changes slowed down the pace of the band’s efforts to complete their follow-up album. Despite the setbacks, and through long periods of little progress, the band persevered and worked through the many obstacles encountered during the writing and recording for the group’s long-awaited and aptly-titled second release – “The Tale Of Woe.”

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