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Frequency Drift

FREQUENCY DRIFT were formed in 2006 by some musicians living around Bayreuth/Germany. They soon began to develop a unique conception inspired by movies like 'Blade Runner, 'Lost' und 'Ghost In The Shell' and keyboard player Andreas Hack is mainly responsible for the composing part.

The band's debut album 'Personal Effects (part one)' from 2008 was released by the French MUSEA Records label telling the story of a girl named River living in 2046 and having problems with an imaginary association named 'Diomedeidae'.

Lyrics are in English and the band didn't include them into the booklet deliberately to enforce a special concentration on the visual component. They worked together with a graphic designer for that and the CD booklet is full of black-and-white pictures representing a darker atmospheric mood depending on the story.

Relying on Antje Auer's impressive voice the music is basically turned out dreamy melancholic - cinematic prog as the band implies. The instrumental parts are blending some tricky effects with symphonic and heavier rocking elements pushed by a varied keyboard/guitar work.

The second part of 'Personal Effects', released by Cyclops in March 2010, is continuing River's story with new melodic atmospheric songs including a wider range of instruments and female vocal contributions.

Their new CD "Ghosts" is now available from ProgRock Records in the Summer of 2011.

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