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31 Jul 2011
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – 29 September 2005 – Guy Manning is primarily a storyteller and a writer of songs. A modern day troubadour, who chooses to compose songs that have strong melodies, depth and interesting emotive arrangements in order to tell his tales. He does not always chose the most obvious of paths but seeks to draw the listener into his world for a while and tantalise before releasing them. Guy chooses his palette and tools very carefully. The style he delivers the messages in can range from intensely intimate acoustic driven pieces to full rock multi-layered and multi-section epics! “One Small Step” is an album that is inspired by the original artwork of Ed Unitsky (Ed has previously provided artwork for The Flower Kings, The Tangent and the last Guy Manning album "A Matter Of Life and Death"). The set of images are wonderful and the conceptual imagination in the accompanying booklet artwork is superb. With songs ranging from the scifi “what if” of “One Small Step” to dream conversations “Night Voices” and real life tragedy “No Hiding Place”, Guy has provided an aural landscape for these amazing paintings that will take you on an amazing journey. Guy has released five albums on the UK based CYCLOPS label and 2 on ProgRock Records since 1999 all of which have been diverse, challenging and have met with critical acclaim. His recent work with Andy Tillison (Of ‘Parallel Or 90 Degrees’) on projects such as the Colossus “Spaghetti Western” and most recently as a full member of the very successful TANGENT project albums has now brought Guy to a much wider audience. Guy, as a multi-instrumentalist, plays most of the instruments himself, but once again, this album features the same core of talented musicians that have helped Guy both craft his music into complete albums and to perform them live (since 2000). “One Small Step” will begin shipping in mid-October 2005 and can be purchased directly from As a special promotion, Guys prior album “A Matter of Life and Death” which has been out of print since early 2005, will be reprinted and available from - As an even more special promotion, you can get both albums together from and save $2 when you purchase both.