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31 Jul 2011
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 24 March 2008 – Jaugernaut began as a semi-progressive POMP rock band from Olympia Washington way back in 1980. Between 1980 and 1984 the band released two excellent independent albums, which over the years have become sought after by vinyl collectors around the world. In 2005, Jim Johnston, Jaugernaut’s lead vocalist and bassist attempted to reunite the band for a third album, but had little interest from the other members of the band, who had moved on to other projects and careers. Jim decided to release a third Jaugernaut album, on his own. “CONTRA MANTRA” which leans more into the progressive world than the bands two previous releases. This has resulted, ultimately in Jaugernaut being signed by the US label, Progrock Records. Contra Mantra is the first installment of a two part themed album that describes, as it were, the history of evil. Utilizing the lead guitar wizardry of Jim Brammer and Marty Prue, as well as bringing Johnston’s own considerable musical talents to the project. This album takes you on a 1970’s version of a grand tour of the cosmos, introducing the motives behind the motives for all that is dark, cruel and senseless. Despite receiving some excellent accolades, the album has festered in relative obscurity for the past two years. Now, thanks to Progrock Records, Jaugernaut’s CONTRA MANTRA album will be a worldwide release. "I am looking forward to a long and happy musical relationship with Shawn, and Progrock Records", Said Johnston. "With the second half of CONTRA MANTRA coming out in the upcoming months, there will be much to do, and much music to share with fans of Jaugernaut, both old and new". "Jaugernaut was one of those twists of fate. Jim had come by the chat room for our radio station and we got talking and he wanted to send his CD for the station, I said "sure" and after I got it I really liked it and asked him about putting it out and now here we are. I really think you’re going to like it, Jim is a very talented guy.", Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records said. "Contra-Mantra" is the ProgRock Records debut release from Jaugernaut and can be found at The album is available for immediate order and shipping and be available at your favorite brick and mortar retailer on June 10, 2008. For the first week the price is discounted $2 on the ProgRock Records site.