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Peter Matuchniak - Uncover Me


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The album's first track "Fallen Ash (Landscape Burning P1)"starts off with an irresistible guitar...

Back in the 1980's Peter Matuchniak was part of the neo-progressive rock movement with Janysium and...

If Uncover Me had been added to a full Prog sub-genre as Crossover or Eclectic, I would had been...

This is a diverse and enjoyable album – the back sleeve sums it up best with its category of...

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In an album that features mood swings and roundabouts, this is a musical journey through melodic rock songs driven by edgy electric guitar riffs, progressive keyboards and sultry sax combined with acoustic music, melodic flute and elements of jazz. There is a mix of short and long tracks that allow the compositions to develop without ever becoming complacent and repetitive.

In an online study this music appealed to fans of the following artists, to name but a few:
Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Eagles, 10cc, Coldplay, U2, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Supertramp, Dire Straits, etc.

The album is bookended by two halves of the Landscape Burning suite, opening with the powerful “Falling Ash” and closing with “Rising Sun” which begins by gently echoing the same progressive rock themes but with an entirely different arrangement, before climaxing with a grandiose finale . The lyrical theme centers around the struggle of identity and integrity in a world of make believe that we create and destroy, imagine and reimagine.

Peter handles the guitar work with ambient solos, graceful chords, fretboard tapping and gentle picking, and is backed an incredible array of talented musicians. Jimmy Keegan, drummer for Spock’s Beard, entertains throughout with driving rhythms and explosive technique. Powerful female vocals from Natalie Azerad reflect the Dark Side of the Moon (and it’s evident why she was recently chosen to sing live with Alan Parsons at the mixing desk). Ted Zahn provides contrasting male vocals that are reminiscent of Richie Havens, Cat Stevens and the whole Woodstock era. Rick Meadows’ strong bass lock in to provide the perfect backbone while David Gilman shows off his classically trained talents on flute with Conor Jonson lending his jazz talents on sax.

Do you miss listening to albums that feature strong individual songs that stand alone, and yet only when they are all put together can you truly define the album as a whole? Where you couldn’t gauge the album in the first three songs and anything thereafter was not just more of the same, but worse? When it actually felt worth your while to check out the entire album, and be ready to go back and listen again? Then maybe this album is for you. It’s certainly not formulaic.

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Album tracks

  • 1 - Falling Ash
  • 2 - Running Blind
  • 3 - Uncover Me
  • 4 - Down In New Orleans
  • 5 - Running Back To You
  • 6 - London Vibe
  • 7 - Lionheart Betrayed
  • 8 - Sandcastles
  • 9 - Across The Pond
  • 10 - Rising Sun
  • 11 - Hippy In The Rain

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