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Steve Morse is often described as a “musician’s musician”, acclaimed amongst artists but eschewing the public limelight. The six-time Grammy nominee is renowned as much for his writing as his guitar playing, garnering accolades from peers such as being voted “Best Overall Guitarist” for five consecutive years (Guitar Player magazine). Currently (going back 15 years) with Deep Purple—Steve as well as his own band, Steve continues to leave his mark as a distinctive songwriter and guitarist.

Sarah Spencer, 22, grew up in a musical family. She began piano lessons at age six, and was recording original material at ten. At 14, she was cast in a(n ultimately cancelled) VH1 reality show following the lives of teenage prodigies. Sarah met Steve when she was 16, and they began collaborating on what was to become Angelfire.

“When I first heard Sarah sing, I was amazed…I’d never heard a voice so pure,” says Morse. “My first thought was to write an album with her so I could hear and share it with other people.” Sarah responds, “Steve has been so generous throughout our collaboration. Everyone knows about his incredible talent, but only a lucky few know about his big heart. I feel so blessed to be able to work with this renaissance man!”

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